Emergency service personnel talk about the realities of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, 

and its impact on their lives and their families. 


best music
British Animation Film Festival
best animated short
Martinique International Film Festival
best animation
SMCFF, Minsk, Belarus
Best Animation
ANIMASIVO, Mexico City, Mexico


Aesthetica Film Festival

Encounters Film Festival

London International Animation Festival

Manchester Animation Festival

PRIMANIMA Film Festival - Hungary

Red Finch Film Festival - Utah

Miami Independent Film Festival

Martinique International Film Festival

Bit Bang Film Festival - Argentina

London International Documentary Festival

Au Contraire Film Festival - Canada

Roma Cinema DOC

Les Films de la Toile - France

Short Movie Club - Belarus

British Shorts - Berlin

Monstra Animation Festival - Lisbon

Hollywood Screenings Film Festival

STIFF - San Mauro

Wendy's Shorts - Texas

12 Months Film Festival - Romania

Golden Tree International Doc Festival - Frankfurt

Texas Shorts - USA

The Shortest Nights

Beveren Int. Short Film Festival - Belgium

British Animation Film Festival

In Short Film Festival, Lagos - Nigeria

Anibar Animation Festival - Kososvo

Canterbury University Film Festival

Lublin Film Festival - Poland

Spectral Film Festival, Wisconsin - USA

Bolton International Film Festival

Shorts On Tap

Tricky Women/Tricky Realities - Vienna